BBC South West reports on Sculpture at Kingham Lodge in 2012

In the beginning….

Our first show in 2012 was filmed by the local BBC South West news team and listening to Chris we now know that we achieved all we hoped; we raised money for charity (lots!) and we created a successful public event enjoyed by thousands of people.



What happened next…

The show was a collaborative effort between Lendon Scantlebury and Chris Stockwell.  Lendon had recently done some restoration work for Chris and on visiting Kingham Lodge asked if Chris had ever considered hosting a sculpture show.  The idea was born and a very successful event was organised, though of course we didn’t know how successful it would become.

On registering with Oxfordshire Artweeks we asked how many people to expect to an event like this and were told if we were very lucky a couple of hundred might come over the weekend.

No problem we thought, and set about cooking some cakes and scones for the friends who were under orders to drop in.

Two Snowy Owls by Darren Greenhow

Two Snowy Owls by Darren Greenhow

One thing led to another….

We called the local news desk and suggested they might be interested to come and have a look.  Bless their cotton socks they did, and that footage aired the evening we previewed which meant that in our first 24 hours we welcomed over 2,000 visitors to the show.  So we baked more cakes.

In 2012 we were visited by over 3,000 people and raised £20,000 for charity.  This completely unexpected success has led us to continue this great fundraising vehicle to the joy of thousands of people who visit each show and get so much pleasure out of their visit.

Embrace by Lendon Scantlebury

Embrace by Lendon Scantlebury