BBC South West Reports on Sculpture at Kingham Lodge 2014

The second show

After the success of the show in 2012, everyone caught their breath and then thought it was such a good idea, we’d do it again.  Well, at least it was a very good way of raising money for charity!  2012 had taught us a few lessons about visitor numbers and how much cake is required for an event like this so we felt a bit more ready for it second time around.  Critically, we got proper parking sorted so with the understanding of kind neighbours, better logistics launched the second show.



Broadening out

One of the biggest differences with this show was that we approached local schools and offered them funds to make some art for the show.  This proved very successful with several local primary and secondary schools getting involved and then bringing lots of the children to visit their work.  This was clearly a great hit with the children giving them a wonderfully interactive introduction to sculpture and huge pride seeing their work exhibited alongside those of  professional artists.

Flight of Deer by Jessica von Schroder

Flight of Deer by Jessica von Schroder


Building on success

2014 built on the success of 2012 and we welcomed over 4000 visitors and raised over £20,000 for charity.  Delphie had filled all her freezer space with soups, scones and cakes and continued to cook and bake throughout the show.

Having cracked the logistics did we have the energy to keep going?