Beryl Morgans

Beryl’s inspiration is mainly focused on the structures she has encountered whilst walking in Herefordshire and the neighbouring counties.

Beryl has used drawing to consolidate ideas and bring together the key elements of the structures, then translated these elements into glass usually through strip cutting and crucible pouring techniques.

“Glass by its very nature is unforgiving but still holds a fascination for me. I have learnt that it cannot be forced into do anything it doesn’t want to. It has to be coaxed gently and even then it is still defiant, breaking at the least provocation. It has the ability to alter the depth and tone of colour, which for me, may link into my delight in drawing and the richness of tone that can be achieved with a single colour.”

The body of work, which has emerged from this research, has incorporated these strong and soft elements in the creation of glass vessels. Each piece is individually hand crafted from the smallest piece of glass used to the largest.  From concept to completion Beryls has endeavoured to produce unique pieces, which capture the passion and delight she gets from creating these vessels.