Cliff Vince

I am a professional automotive design engineer.  I design automotive components and structures in 3D with Computer Aided Design (CAD) system as part of my day job. However, this has never been enough to satisfy my creative streak.

I normally attend several workshops per year to experiment with different art mediums and had explored with painting and photography before taking a course on sculpting in stone with Jude Tucker.  I quickly found that sculpture naturally complemented my professional work and reminded me of my earlier years when I trained as a Coppersmith. I like to challenge myself with my creations and an early piece was the memorial headstone for my mother.

Sculpting whether in stone or wood presents wonderful opportunities to create various forms that my mind conjures up. My pieces vary from more literal interpretations of the natural world such as birds and horses, to historically inspired creations like my ‘ancient’ helmet and Ancient Egyptian inspired pieces.  My abstract work utilises the geological features within the stone itself to bring out the best in the material.