James Bridle

London born James Bridle is a writer and artist working across technologies and disciplines.  His work inspires intellectual conversations and artistic responses to the development and application of technology, in particular AI.  He holds an MA in Computer Science and Cognitive Science from University College, London.  In 2015 he was voted one of the 100 most influential people in Europe by Wired Magazine and in 2018 published New Dark Age: Technology and the end of the future.  James now lives with his family in Greece but gives talks and installs his art around the world.

James is particularly well known for drawing ‘drone shadows’ on surfaces around the world.  He has published a Drone Shadow Handbook on how to do this allowing others to engage in the conversation around Drones and their silent impact on our world.  As part of the planned VE75 commemorative artworks, we had planned to exhibit a spitfire outlined in poppies juxtaposed against a Drone Shadow.  This continues to be part of our 2021 exhibition.