Stuart Stockwell

For over three years, Stuart has been creating unique sculptures that capture attention and engage the imagination through simple design and kinetic movement.  His sculptures interpret nature’s genius, a balance of complex function and simplistic beauty.  Inspired by organic forms and sacred geometry, his pieces are multi-layered and deconstructed. The underlying mathematical language can be broken down into numerical sequences that, when charted, create symbols that echo their surroundings and streamline harmoniously into human consciousness.
Stuart incorporates metals and concrete into his sculptures– materials taken from the earth– and refines them into elegant curves, giving the feeling of movement in their static rest.  Stuart’s pieces create a union of ease between modern design and nature, blending fluidly with their environment and elements. The feeling is heightened by kinetic factors that accentuate the shared effects of the environment, as both sculpture and viewer react to the same force. 
Stuart’s work is primarily developed through experimentation and instinct from his studio in Cheltenham.