Enstone Primary School is a small village school of 100 children.  We are working with them to get art back on the curriculum.

  • Whole school workshops

    In May ’22 Year 4 went to Chipping Norton School for a pottery workshop with artist Alison Townley.  They had a wonderful time learning about different techniques and having the highly tactile experience of working with clay.

    In Dec ’22 artist Emma Cox delivered a watercolour workshop to the whole school, teaching them about techniques and helping them let loose their creative talent.

    In Jan ’23 the ‘Flying Potter’, John Williams from Eastnor Pottery visited and everyone contributed towards a masterpiece….to be revealed at Sculpture at Kingham Lodge in May ’23.

  • Curriculum Subscription

    In December ’22 we paid for a subscription to Kapow Primary Art and Design & Technology Curriculum to enhance the delivery of art as a curriculum subject. We also paid for the art resources for a year to support the best delivery of this curriculum.

Promoting art in primary schools

If you would like to find out more and support our work, either as an artist or as a donor please visit our charity website: https://www.cotswoldsartsthroughschools.com/