Hook Norton is a large town school of 260 children.  We are delivering termly whole school workshops to the children.

  • Whole School Workshops

    In May ’22 Year 4 visited Chipping Norton School for a clay workshop with artist Alison Townley.  They learnt about the techniques for working with clay and had a squidgy, hands on experience creating a work of art to take home.

    In June ’22 artists Emma Cox and Abigail Boisot delivered a watercolour workshop to the whole school, teaching the techniques and inspiration behind this wonderful medium.

    In Nov ’22 artists Emma Cox and Abigail Boisot delivered a clay workshop to the whole school teaching (and for Year 4 no doubt developing) their techniques for working with clay.

    In the spring term ’23 artist Abigail Boisot will work with the whole school to create a sculpture for exhibiting at Sculpture at Kingham Lodge 20-29th May 2023.

Promoting art in primary schools

If you would like to find out more and support our work, either as an artist or as a donor please visit our charity website: https://www.cotswoldsartsthroughschools.com/