Chris Kampf

Since the beginning of the 1990’s, Chris has been creating sculptures of all sizes. With training in jewellery
and silversmithing, his first creations were comic animals welded in steel; ‘Rex the Mouse’ being the star of
the show.

Now settled in Somerset for over 20 years and welding in a purpose built workshop with adjoining gallery at
the end of the garden, Chris is finding that as his eyesight diminishes, the size of his sculptures is increasing.
From a mouse you could fit in your hand to plant stems that dwarf us all.

Natures form and structure are the main elements that inspire Chris’ designs and using steel allows these
designs to be larger than life, while still being delicate enough to be blown in the breeze. Throughout his
work, recycling has played an important part and although it is much harder to source the required steel
these days, there are still elements in the ‘Rustic’ designs which have been reclaimed from local builders
and steel fabricators.

The aim is to create simple forms that stand out from nature