Dawn Conn

International sculptor, Dawn merges memory, wonder and joy. Each sculpture has their own narrative and emotional connection, that touch the free spirit in us, most often through memories of childhood.  She is drawn to the times when we lived and played in our own imagination: dressing up, making huts and castles or sometimes just quietly inventing our own worlds.

Dawn’s work is essentially figurative and rooted in human connections, that aims to evoke the moment – the energy, the glee, our curiosity, the tenderness in our hearts.

Her sculptures are lovingly adorned and outfitted, daringly coloured and executed with the intention that is striking and memorable. Her figures develop into tactile memories, to take you to a happy place for a timeless moment.

Currently based in Henley on Thames, Dawn will feature on the second series of the BBC TV show “Home is where the art is” in spring 2020.