Diana Barraclough

Diana Barraclough

Whilst studying ceramics at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art under David Ballantyne, Diana won a travelling scholarship to Sweden and also worked with David Leach in Devon. After qualifying, she worked for Mary Rich in Cornwall, gaining valuable experience in running a workshop before setting up her own studio in Berkshire.

In the 1980s Diana returned to her first love of individual ceramic tiles later moving into kilm fired stoneware.  These days, Diana is inspired by Cornwall; the coast and its sea birds, the lush sub-tropical gardens and the strange ancient landscape of Penwith.  These themes in her work can be colourful or of a neutral palette.

Currently, her work has moved towards garden sculpture. Ceramic totems inspired by two visits to Canada and Gaudi’s extravagant work in Barcelona have been recent inspirations.  Diana’s totems are thrown in pieces (typically 5 or 6), turned and then joined to allow her to decorate the whole piece as one, using layered clays, coloured stains and applied relief. The decorated piece is then split back into 2 or 3 pieces for biscuit firing after which glazes are applied. The final stoneware firing is to ~1280oC.

Diana says she has found the designs for the totems and tiles are becoming increasingly intertwined.