Teresa Wells

Inspired by a moral upbringing, Teresa posses’ an ethical consciousness along with a fascination for the question “How do Humans Behave?”

Through the medium of sculpture, she explores the tenuous relationship between man and his society. Isolation, and miscommunication resulting in disconcerted relationships together with man’s physical and emotional survival over adversity, are most attractive to her.

Teresa’s sculpture recognizes that when we are alone and unsure, vulnerable and depraved we seek to reflect on self and make change; it is then when our true humanity comes through as we learn that it’s our whole selves that make us beautiful.  We don’t survive in spite of our flaws but because of them.

Teresa’s style is illustrative and sometimes metaphorical.  She uses whatever materials are appropriate to express her intent, steel, bronze, plastic, mixed media, rubber, CAD and 3D Printing. Inspired by theatrical body language, performance and expressive posturing, whether it is a body arching
backwards perched on a ledge, balancing a hoopla with a prosthetic limb, or symbolic hand gesturing, she strives for dynamism, poetry and passion in each detailed piece.