Great Rollright is a medium size village school of 100 pupils that has an art curriculum using Kapow.  We have funded additional art materials, an art club, art competition and termly whole school experiences.

  • Whole School Workshop

    In March ’22 artist Abigail Boisot worked with the whole school to deliver a charcoal drawing workshop.  Inspired by birds the children could come up with their own design (‘there are no mistakes’) and they were pinned to a tree in a whole school display for all to see.

    Children and staff have been very positive about the workshops and parents have told us their children have been inspired to continue doing art at home.  Out of the mouths of babes: “I can’t wait to get home and start drawing”. “I wish we could do this everyday” “This doesn’t feel like school as it’s so much fun”. “I loved using the charcoal without reproachful adults worrying about our cleaness (sic)”.

    In May ’22 Year 4 visited Chipping Norton School for a pottery workshop run by Alison Townley where they learnt techniques for working with clay and had a very squidgy hands on experience, complete with work of art to take home.

    In June ’22 artist Caroline Bond visited the school to delivery a clay workshop for those not on the year 4 trip.

    In the autumn term of ’22 the whole school visited Oxford Brookes, a collaboration we set up to help trainee teachers have hands on experience with pupils and, of course, so that the pupils could make some sculpture for our show in May ’23.  A workshop exploring ‘the essence of childhood’ preceded the building of the sculpture.

    In the spring term of ’23 the children will enjoy a watercolour workshop to learn techniques and opportunities for that medium.

  • After school club

    Artist Emma Cox is running a weekly after school club to help children explore and develop their creative side.

Promoting art in primary schools

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