Kingham is a large village school of 230 pupils.  We are funding artist Emma Cox to provide in school workshops for year groups 1-6 as well as an art competition.  We are working with their local senior school, Chipping Norton, to deliver workshops for year 4.

  • School Exhibit

    For Sculpture at Kingham Lodge 2021, Kingham Primary School made ‘Blowing in the wind’, a installation of beautiful hanging lanterns made of wicker and paper.  These colourful, delicate lanterns hung in the protection of the pavilion courtyard and gently moved in the wind.

  • Workshops

    Artist Emma Cox is visiting the school weekly to provide art experiences to each year group on a half termly basis, in this way building up knowledge and experience of art that fit with the schools timetable.

Promoting art in primary schools

If you would like to support our work either as an artist able to take your skill into a school, or as a donor please email