St Mary’s is a town school of 240 children who had a regular art programme through online service Kapow Primary.  We have funded art materials to make the most of the Kapow lessons, art prizes for the termly art competition and we are preparing to deliver termly art experiences.  We are working with their local senior school, Chipping Norton, to deliver  workshops for year 4.

  • Art Prize

    Our termly art competition is designed to encourage children to engage in art outside of the educational setting of school to help them view art as an enjoyable part of their ‘down time’.  The theme was ‘darkness’; this image is the Year 6 winner.

  • Art Materials

    The school had already subscribed to ‘Kapow Primary’, which provides an online plan of lessons and videos for teachers.  We funded £500 worth of materials for the Autumn term to help the school make the most of this subscription.

  • Art Lessons

    Art is so much more than ‘just art’.  It helps with academic development by developing motor skills, focus, problem solving attitudes, collaborative working and a host of other beneficial neural and social traits.  By supporting a wider appreciation of art in schools we are supporting education in its broadest sense.

Promoting art in primary schools

If you would like to support our work either as an artist able to take your skill into a school, or as a donor please email