St Mary’s is a town school of 240 children who had a regular art programme through online service Kapow Primary.  We have funded art materials to make the most of the Kapow lessons, art prizes for our termly art competition and whole school art workshops.

  • Art Prizes

    Our termly art competition is designed to encourage children to engage in art outside of the educational setting of school to help them view art as an enjoyable part of their ‘down time’.  In the autumn term of ’22 the school chose the theme of ‘darkness’; this image is the Year 6 winner.

  • Art Materials

    The school had already subscribed to ‘Kapow Primary’, which provides an online plan of lessons and videos for teachers.  Each year since ’22 we have funded art materials, completely re-stocking the art cupboard so that the school can make the most of this subscription.

  • Whole School Workshops

    In May ’22 Year 4 attended a pottery workshop with artist Alison Townley at Chipping Norton School to learn about the techniques of working with clay and have a squidgy, hands on experience.

    In May ’22 artist Caroline Bond worked with the rest of the school (except year 4) to deliver a clay workshop so everyone else could also enjoy that experience.

    In the Sept ’22 the whole school visited Oxford Brookes University, to provide trainee teachers with hands on experience delivering an art workshop and for the children to create their sculpture for the next Sculpture at Kingham Lodge show, 20-29th May 2023.  In the morning there was a workshop to get the children’s thoughts on the theme ‘The essence of childhood’ before building the sculpture in the afternoon.

    In the spring term ’23 artists Emma Cox and Abigail Boisot will deliver a whole school workshop on watercolour techniques.

  • Teacher Training

    The head of art was able to join us at Bloxham School for the day to learn new techniques and exchange ideas with fellow teachers about how to teach art in primary school.  A thoroughly enjoyable – and, of course, educational – day for all.

Promoting art in primary schools

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