Stow on the Wold is a small town school of 120 children where we are delivering art supplies, teacher training, competition prizes and whole school workshops.

  • Whole School Workshops

    In the spring term ’23 the ‘Flying Potter’ from Eastnore Pottery will deliver a whole school workshop to create a sculpture that will be on display at Sculpture at Kingham Lodge 20-29th May 2023.

  • Art Materials

    In Oct ’22 we re-stocked the art cupboard for the whole school, renewing not just the consumables but investing in long term hardware ensuing the opportunity for high quality art teaching for years to come.

  • Teacher Training

    The head of art was able to join us for a day’s teacher training at Kingham Hill to learn about techniques that will broaden primary art experiences and grow confidence in what can be taught.  A happy, and educational, day for all.

Promoting art in primary schools

If you would like to find out more and support our work, either as an artist or as a donor please visit our charity website: